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A custom-built website is just that. A completely tailored marketing tool that addresses specific needs for your company, built from the ground-up.

At Compass Box, we will work with you to create a truly unique website that addresses the specific needs of your business, as well as providing an exceptional user experience for your customers. Compass Box works side-by-side with its clients, who approve every facet of the digital design process to ensure the finished site is a powerful tool that can be used to meet all of your company's goals and to help your business continue to grow and flourish.

A custom website is a much more effective tool to help grow your business over time. While the initial cost may be greater, the following benefits make a custom website well worth the investment:

  • Conveys Your Brand's Unique Value.
  • Improves Search Engine Results.
  • Provides a Better User Experience.
  • Allows for Easy Scalability.
  • Creates a More Professional Appearance.




Creating a unique brand that conveys the value you provide to customers is an important component of building a strong business.
There are many elements that go into your brand. Some of these elements include your company logo, name, font style, messaging, etc. There are even brand specific color palette strategies (an often-overlooked element)that have been proven to increase your brand recognition by as much as 80% if chosen effectively.

A custom web design gives your web developer or digital marketing agency the ability to incorporate all these elements into your website. In addition, you'll maintain control over the layout, ensuring these elements are organized on your website in a way that make them truly stand out and that cater to your specific target audience.Compass Box not only considers all ofthis butwill also assist in refining all of these brand defining elements, all of which are unique to your company.

Templated websites, on the other hand, are constrained by the way the template is organized. This will significantly limit your ability to leverage these important brand elements in a way that will make them stand out to your audience. In addition, your website will have a very similar look and feel to other sites built off the same template. For these reasons, it can be very challenging to convey your unique brand with a templated website, and can inhibit your capability of standing out from the crowd.

Here at Compass Box, we will design your custom website, always with your end user in mind, ensuring that your customers have an excellent experience each and every time they visit your site.

It's important that your website is built with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. SEO-Search Engine Optimization is a critical component in ANY industry in order to be successful.

Currently, there are nearly 2 billion websites on the world wide web - ALL competing for recognition! When SEO best practices are used, it will be much easier for your website to rank better on the search engines, and first-page organic search rankings are crucial to the success of your digital marketing efforts. Custom web design allows you to build your site in a way that will set you up for success with your SEO efforts by:

  • Removing code bloat to improve website speed (over 50% of visitors will leave a website when it takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load).
  • Allowing for responsive design which facilitates a better experience for desktop and mobile visitors.
  • Allowing you to create an intuitive navigation structure that will make your website more user-friendly and reduce bounce rate.
  • Eliminating many of the security issues that often exist when your website is built on a templated platform (website security has been part of Google's search algorithms for several years).

Our team of content, SEO and paid search specialists can help you achieve the search rankings necessary to get noticed by potential new customers.

Ultimately, the measure of a successful website is how well it engages people on a desktop, tablet, and mobile device (with mobile compatibility being the most often overlooked key to success). Providing a positive and seamless user experience—UX and UI—is a paramount goal. Websites with optimized UX and UI will increase conversions. Increased conversions turn website visitors into new customers for your business.

You know the needs of your target audience better than anyone else. You understand their frustrations and the ways in which you can help them. Custom web design with Compass Box allows you to construct your website with ALL your customers in mind. You can add specific features necessary to engage your audience and deliver what they need. Depending on the unique nature of your business, this can be focused on providing useful information or easier access to purchasing your product. You'll be able to streamline the user's process, allowing them to access what they need faster and more efficiently.

Ideally, your business will grow and evolve over time. You need a website that can grow and meet your changing needs, which templates impede. A custom website equals flexibility and allows you to:

  • Accommodating a larger flow of traffic.
  • Expanding your ability to showcase new products and services.
  • Adding new functionality to address changes to your business model over time.
  • Altering the navigation structure to adapt to the needs of your audience more effectively.
  • Adjusting your website to reflect current web design and SEO best practices.

Over time, as a dedicated partner, Compass Box can incorporate new elements or features as necessary, allowing your website to grow and evolve with your business, whereas templated websites are far more limited.

The difference in the appearance of a custom designed website and a templated website is significant. The level of professionalism that is conveyed through custom design is a game changer. It provides increased credibility that will help establish your brand/company as an authority to site visitors, resulting in more quality leads and an increase in conversions.

At Compass Box, we offer state of the art website design customization services to address the specific needs of your individual business. Our team of developers will work closely with you to ensure your new website accurately reflects your brand and messaging—and takes the time to do so.